Great Pacific Recreation & Travel Maps

“Remarkable Recreation Detail”

Late Breaking Information

Pacific Northwest & Alaska

Seattle Downtown Plus

  1. Elliott Bay Books at 101 S Main St. (@ 1st Av in G-7) in Pioneer Square is moving to a new location on Capitol Hill: 1521-10th Av, between Pike & Pine Sts., in D-9. New location will opening March, 2010.

  2. In A-6, add “West Marine” @ 1275 Westlake Av. N (W side).  Tel. 926-0356;

  3. In C-8, “Bailey Coy Books” has closed.

  4. In H-7, a new interchange is under construction, which will connect SR 519 with I-90.  The project elevates Royal Brougham Way over the BNSF and LINK tracks on the north side of Safeco Field,  The project also includes a new off-ramp from westbound I-90 onto Edgar Martinez Dr. South.  For a detailed project diagram, click on

  5. Link light rail is now open, with trains operating through the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel and on the surface through SODO on their way south to Beacon Hill, Tukwila & Sea-Tac International Airport (SEA).

  6. The Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) is planning to move from Montlake (GG-5 on “North to Green Lake” map) to the historic Naval Reserve Bldg. In South Lake Union Park (B-6 on Downtown map) in 2012.

  7. “Washington Mutual (WaMu) Center” at 1301-2nd Av. (E-6 on Downtown map), has been renamed “Russel Investments Center.”                                                                 

Eastside Road & Recreation

  1. Link Light Rail is now open between Downtown Seattle and Sea-Tac International Airport; trains operate via SODO, Beacon Hill, Rainier Valley & Tukwila.  For detailed route and schedule info, click on

  2. The Spirit of Washington Dinner Train between Renton & Woodinville has ceased operation.  A new dinner train service between Wodinville and Snohomish is being discussed for 2010.

Large Base Map

  1. In CC-9, delete “Stockpot Soups.”  Building site will be part of the new Brightwater sewage treatment plant.

  2. In EE-8, “Costco Home (*)” has closed and is now “My Home Wholesale (*).”

  3. In EE-8, delete “Joe’s (*).”  Firm is now in bankruptcy and all stores have closed.

  4. In EE-8, delete “Sno-King Hockey Bingo.”

  5. In EE-8, change “Carribean Casino” to “Casino Caribbean.”  Also, please note spelling correction.

  6. In EE-9, add "Evergreen Family Theatre (perf. arts symbol)" @ 11500 Redmond-Woodinville Rd. (E side).  Tel. 425/ 885-2244;

  7. In EE-11, add "Kathryn Tayloe Equestrian Pk." @ NE 142nd Pl. & 232 Av. NE (W side), just N of where Tolt Pipeline Trail crosses 232nd Av. NE  Note: currently shown on map, but not named.

  8. In FF-8, change “6th St. Ind. Ctr.” to “Google Campus.’

  9. In FF-13, add “Camp Korey” @ 28901 NE Carnation Farm Rd. (S side), Carnation Tel. 425-844-3131;

  10. In GG-9, delete “”Group Health E’side Hosp. in Overlake (red cross hospital symbol).”  Facility has closed

  11. In GG-9, delete “Safeco Life Insurance.”

  12. In GG-9/ 10, add new Marymoor Connector Trail” through Marymoor Park.  For details, click on

  13. In HH-8, add “Seattle Childrens Bellevue Clinic & Surgery Ctr. (Summer, 2010)” (hospital red cross symbol).”

  14. In JJ-7, change “St. Mary-on-the-Lake” to “Peace & Spirituality Ctr. @ St. Mary on-the-Lake.”

  15. In JJ-9, change “Bellevue C.C.” to “Bellevue College”

  16. In JJ/ LL-11, delete “Trinity Lutheran College & Conference Center (moving in 2008).”  Trinity has now moved to Downtown Everett.

  17. In LL-8 add “Sea, Seahawks Practice Facility & HQ/ Virginia Mason Athletic Ctr. (VMAC)”, @ 12 Seahawks Way, Renton.  On W side I-405, 1/4 mi. N of 44th St. (Exit 7).

  18. In MM-6, change “Benny’s Riverside Inn (Casino)” to “Riverside Casino.”  Address: 14060 Interurban Av. S.; Tel. 206-248-2363;

  19. In MM-6, just next door, to the N, add square for “Great American Casino” @ 14040 Interurban Av. S; Tel. (206) 244-5400;

  20. In MM-7, delete “Prop’d King Co. Events Ctr.” in north Renton.  This proposal, which included a new arena for the Seattle Sonics NBA basketball team, has been scrapped when the Sonics left for Oklahoma City.

  21. In MM-7/ 8. change “The Landing (2007)” to “The Landing (Target, Cinemas).”

  22. In MM-9, change “Rockin’ Horse Dane Barn” to “Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn.”

  23. In NN-6, add name of main road into Sea-Tac Airport as “N Entry Dr.”  Note: road goes off map to SW on a diagonal.

  24. In NN-6, change “Skykart Indoor Racing”” to “SyKart Indoor Racing.”

  25. In NN-7, change “Imperials Bingo” to “Silver Dollar Casino.”  Address is 3100 East Valley Rd. (E side); on W side of SR 167, Renton.

  26. In NN-7, change “Tukwila Station” label to “Tukwila Station (Amtrak Cascades & Sounder trains)

  27. NN-8, change “Castle Ice @ Brierwood” to “Castle Ice @ Briarwood/ East Highlands Shopping Ctr. (*).

Bellevue Downtown Inset

  1. In BEB-1, change (“Prop.”) at end of PACE label to “(2012).”

  2. In BEB-2, change “Skybridge connecting Bellevue Square and Lincoln Center going from main portion of mall, just N of Macy’s, not from Nordstrom.

  3. In BEB-3, delete unnamed perf. arts triangle.

  4. In BEC-1, change “Overlake Medical Center” to “Overlake Hosp. Med. Ctr.”

  5. In BEC-1, change “New Med. Office Bldg. (2007)” to “New Med. Office Bldg. (2011).”

  6. In BEC-1, change “Bellevue Medical Dental Center” to “Overlake Hosp. Med. Ctr. Outpatient Ctr.”

  7. In BEC-3, shorten “”Residence Inn by Marriott (2008)” to “Residence Inn by Marriott.”

  8. In BE-1, change “Design Market of Bellevue” to “Design Marketplace (Albert Lee Appliance, Relax the Back).”

  9. In BED-2, add “Rack & Road Outfitters (*) @ 11635 NE 8th St. (S side)

  10. In BED-2, delete “Bellevue Buick-Pontiac (*).”

  11. In BEB-2, add “Green Car Co. (*)” @ 345 – 106th Av. NE

  12. In BED-2, delete “GI Joe’s (Spring, 2007).”  Entire chain is now in bankruptcy.

Factoria-Eastgate Inset

  1. In FA-2, change "Factoria Square/ KidsQuest Children's Museum" to "Market Place @ Factoria (*)/ KidsQuest Children's Musm."

  2. In FB-2, change “Newport Office Complex” to “Newport Office Cplx./ T-Mobile HQ.”

  3. In FB/ FC-1, change “Bellevue Community College” to “Bellevue College.”

  4. In FC-1, add “Aerowood Animal Hosp. (24/ 7) (blue cross vet hospital symbol)”  @ 2975 156th Av. SE (W side), Bellevue.  Tel. (425) 746-6557.

  5. In FC-1, change “1” to "Advanta Office Commons @ I-90" on the NW corner of the intersection immediately below the grid number "1" in the upper right-hand corner of the map.

Kirkland Inset

  1. In KA-2, delete "Waimea Brewing."

Issaquah, Downtown Inset

  1. In IA/ IB-4, change “To Middle School” to “To Issaq. Middle Schoool.”

  2. In IB-4, change “To High  School” to “Issaq. High School (IHS).”

Overlake Inset

  1. In OA-1, please change Indoor Ski” to “Mini Mtn. Indoor Ski.”

  2. In OA-1, change “Northup Ctr. B.P.” to “Northup Ctr. Biz. Pk.”

  3. In OA-1, change red box designating “Plaza 520” to retail asterisk.

  4. In OA-2, add “Awers Caviar Store (retail asterisk)” @ 12832 NE 14th Pl. (N side),  Tel. 425-747-7866;

  5. In OA-2, add “Evolution (Rehearsal) Studios” @ 13212 NE 16th St. (N side), Bellevue, WA

  6. In O-2, delete “Lexus Service Ctr (‘til 7/07).”

  7. In OA-2, delete “(7).”

  8. In OB-1, delete “(8).”

  9. In OC-1, add “Trader Joe’s (*)” @ NW corner of Northrup Way NE & 156th Av. NE.

  10. In QC-1, delete "Group Health (red cross medical symbol).

  11. In OC-1, change “Jewish Pub. Lib.” To “ETC/ Jewish Pub. Lib.”

  12. In OC-1, change “Unigard Ins.” To “Unigard Ins. HQ.”

Redmond Inset

  1. A new “flyover” on-ramp is now open between westbound Redmond Way (SR 202) & westbound SR 520.  The ramp exits to the right, enabling drivers to avoid  a left turn to access SR 520.

  2. In REA/ REB-1, change "Bella Botega/ QFC" to "Bella Botega/ QFC (24)."   Also, please move "Cinema" symbol and label to other side of mall, just to the E pf the "C" in the "QFC" label.

  3. In REA-1, change "Redmond Center QFC" to "Redmond Ctr. (QFC (24)."

  4. In REA-2, add “Group. Health Redmond Med. Ctr. at Riverpark” @ 15809 Bear Creek Pkwy., Redmond.  Located S of Redmond Way; for locator map, click on

  5. In REB-2, add “Top Foods (24) (*)” @ 7320 170th Av. NE (E side) on eastern edge of Redmond Town Ctr.

  6. n REB-2, change “Alpine Hut” to “Gerk’s Alpine Hut,” 7875 Leary Way NE.  Tel. (425) 883-7544;

  7. In REB-2, change “Cineplex Odeon (cinema symbol) to “Gold Class Cinemas.  16451 NE 74th St.; Tel. (425) 636-5601;

  8. In REB-2, slightly enlarge “Redmond Town Ctr. (*)” mall name.

  9. In REC-2, add “Kohl’s Dept. Store (*) 1/4 inch to N/ NW of Target (*).  @ 17801 NE Union Hill Rd.,(S side).  Show in   open space N of “Target.”

  10. In REC-2, add new "flyover" ramp from westbound SR 202 onto south/ westbound SR 520.

  11. In REC-2, change "Bear Creek Village, Safeway" to Bear Crk. Vill./ Safeway (24)."

  12. In REC-3, add “Whole Foods (*)” @ 17991 Redmond Way (S side)

Renton Inset

  1. In RA-3, change “Fed. Reserve Bank of DF-sea Br. HQ” to “Fed. Reserve Bank of SF-Sea. Br. HQ.”  Note that “S” in Seattle needs to be capitalized and needs a period.

  2. In RA-2, change “Extended Day Deluxe” to “Extended Stay Deluxe.”

  3. In RA-3, change “Amtrak® Cascades & Sounder Station” to “Tukwila Stn. (Amtrak Cascades & Sounder trains).”

  4. In RB-1, change “Westwind Motel” to “West Wind Motel.”

  5. In RB-1, move Val. Comm. Players” across street to W side of Main and substiture perf. arts symbol for red square.

  6. In RB-2, change “One & Two Renton Place” to “Triton Towers.”

  7. In RB-2, change “Renton Village Center & Cinemas” to “Renton Vill. Ctr (Uijamaya, Cinemas).”

  8. In RB-2, delete “Spirit of WA.”

  9. In RC-3, change “Fred Nelson MS” to “Fred Nelsen MS.”

SeaTac Area Inset

  1. In SA-3, add “Link Ped. Overpass” over SR 99, just N of S 176t St.

  2. In SA-2, add “Sea-Tac Rental Car Facility (2012)” @ SW corner of SR 99 & SR 518.

  3. In SA-3, move blue dot representing “SeaTac/ Airport Stn.” 1/8” to the north and truncate line at this point.

  4. In SA-2, delete “AMF Lewis & Clark Lanes.”

  5. In SA-2, move “Sutton Suites (A)” to N side of S 160th St.

  6. In SA-2, delete “Travelodge (A).”

  7. In SA-2/ 3, name main road into Sea-Tac Airport as “N Entry Dr.”  This is the divided highway immediately E of Air Cargo Rd., which has “LINK Light Rail” line in median.

  8. In SA-3, delete Radisson Hotel (A)” @ SW corner of S 170th & International Blvd.

  9. In SA-3, shorten “LINK Light Rail (2009)” to change “Link Light Rail

  10. In SA-4, add “YMCA” @ SW corner of S 188th St. & 37th Av. S

  11. In SA-4, change “WA Mutual Leadership Center” to “Cedarbrook Conf. Ctr.”

  12. In SA-4, delete lengthy “To” type note: “To: NW Airport Executel, Fairfield Inn & Sleep Inn”

  13. In SA-4, move “Jet Motel” to 17300 International Blvd. S (W side) in SA-3.  Place “A” symbol just N of “Holiday Inn,” which is at 17338 International Blvd.

  14. In SA-4, move “Ramada Inn & Suites (A)” to 16720 International Blvd. (E side) in SA-3.  For reference, “Red Roof Inn” is just to the south at 16838 International Blvd.

  15. In SA-4, the new “Matt Griffin YMCA” is now open at 3595 S 188th St. (S side).  Tel. (206) 244-5880.

  16. In SB-4, the new “SeaTac City Hall” is now open at 4800 S 188th St. (N side).  Tel. 973-4800.

  17. In SA/ SB-2, shorten “LINK Light Rail (2009)” to “Link Light Rail.”

  18. Between SB-1 and SA-3, thicken line depicting “Link Light Rail,” similar to what you did on SoCal rec map.

  19. In SB-1, delete “Traveler’s Choice Motel (A).”

  20. In SB-3, delete “Borders Books (*).”

  21. In SB-4, move “Motel 6” to S by approx. 1/16.”  Correct address is 18900-47th Av. S.

  22. In SC-2, at Westfield Southcenter Mall, shorten “Cinemas (2006)” to “Cinemas” and add cinema symbol.

  23. In SC-2, change “Amtrak® Cascades & Sounder Station” to “Tukwila Stn. (Amtrak Cascades & Sounder trains).”

  24. In SC-2, change “Homestead Vill.” To “Homestead Suites.”

  25. In SC-3, change “Skykart Indoor Racing” to “SyKart Indoor Racing.”

  26. In SC-3, change “”Pkwy. Plaza 12 Theaters” to “Regal Pkwy. Plaza 12 Cinemas.”

Snoqualmie-North Bend Inset

  1. In LL-16, shorten “Snoqualmie Casino (2008)” to “Snoqualmie Casino.”

  2. In MM-18, add “Tanner Landing CP” @ 433rd Avv. SE and SE Mt. Si Rd.  This is a new King Co. park, located on Snoqualmie River, N of Exit 32 off I-90 on North Bend.

Snoqualmie Pass Inset

  1. In SPA-1, add “Tanner Landing CP” @ 433rd Av. SE and SE Mt. Si Rd.  This is a new King Co. park, located on Snoqualmie River, N of Exit 32 off I-90 on North Bend.

San Juan Islands Road & Recreation, 5th Edition

Base Map

  1. In F/ G-6, “Four Winds westward Ho” is a private residential camp, not a public campground.  No public camping is available.  In future editions, please correct this error.  The property is at approximately 48° 36’ 56” N 122° 58’ 52” W.  You can find the location on Google Maps at .

Eastsound Inset

  1. In EA/ EB-2, add “Orcas Is. School Dist. Ball Fields” in vicinity of grid line between EA-2 and EB-2.

  2. In EB-2, change “Orcas Public Schools” to “Orcas Is. School Dist. (Elementary, Middle & High Schools).”

  3. In EC-1, change “Eastsound Park” to “Eastsound Waterfront Park.”

  4. In EC-2, add “Liquor Store” @ the NE corner of Prune Alley & Fern St.

  5. In EC-2, change “Liquor Store” to “Orcas Book Exchange” and move retail asterisk 1/16” to the east.

  6. In EC-2, delete “Orcas Wine & Oyster Bar.”

  7. In EC-2, delete “Pyewacket Books (retail asterisk).”

  8. In EC-2, move “Visitor Information (i)” to “Cinema Parasido (cinema symbol) and delete the cinema.  Finally, please rename as “C of C Info. Ctr.”

  9. In EC-2, move “Shearwater Sea Kayak Adventures” S to W side of North Beach Rd. >> please use “unassigned” red square just S of “Orcas Homegrown Mkt.”

Quick-Reference Guide Updates (lower right-hand corner of cover side)

  1. Anacortes Visitor Info phone number: Tel. (360) 293-7911

  2. Lopez Airport phone number: Tel. (360) 468-2131

  3. Lost & Found, San Juan Is. (Friday Harbor) phone number: Tel. (360) 376-2207

  4. National Park Service, Friday Harbor, phone number: Tel. (360) 378-2902

  5. Orcas Is. C of C website:

  6. San Juan Airlines phone number & website: Tel. (360) 293-4691;

  7. San Juan Island Lodging hotline phone number: Tel. (866) 645-3030

  8. San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau phone numbers: Tel. 360) 378-6822 or (888) 468-3701

  9. San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau website:

  10. San Juan Transit website:

  11. Whale Museum, Friday Harbor, phone number: Tel. (360) 378-4710


San Diego County Recreation, 4th Edition

Downtown SD Map

  1. In D-14, visitor info. ctr. @ Seaport Village has closed.

  2. In G-12, “Paladion (27 shops)” has closed.

  3. In H-11, ”Intn’l Vis. Ctr.” has moved from First Av.& “F” St. to 1040-1/3 W Broadway (NE corner @ Harbor Dr.), in C-10.  Tel. (619) 236-1212.

Old Town Inset Map

  1. In C-5, “Bazaar del Mundo” has moved to NE corner of Juan & Taylor Sts. in C-4.

SD Co. Base Map

  1. In F-9, Ardath Rd. exit @ I-5 is now “La Jolla Pkwy.”

San Franscico Transit, 9th Edition

Downtown SF Map

  1. • In B/ C-7, the “Cathedral Hill Hotel” has closed.  The site will become a “California Medical Center” hospital.


O’ahu & Honolulu Recreation & Transit, 1st Edition

  1. “Featured (Bus) Routes” (listed and shown on the transit diagram) include routes that operate daily and offer frequent service.  All routes serve Central Honolulu (either Downtown, Waikiki and/ or Ala Moana Center.  Featured routes serve a wide cross-section of visitor destinations.

  2. The Boat passenger ferry service has been discontinued.

  3. In Route 1 listing, “Kalihi” should read “Kahili.”

  4. In Route 2 listing, “Waikiku-School Middle” should read “Waikiku-School St.-Middle St.”

  5. In Route 3 listing, “Naimuki-Salt Lake” should read “Kaimuki-Ssalt Lake.”

  6. In Route 4 listing, “Nuuanu-Paanahoou” should read “Nuuanu-Punahou.”

  7. In Route 54 listing, route does not go to Ala Moana; buses terminate at the  Alapai Transit Center.

  8. On “Downtown to Waikiki” map to the right f the front cover, add “Neiman-Marcus” on the south side of Ala Moana Shopping Center, between Sears and Macy’s.

  9. Show road from Diamond Head Rd. going into Diamond Head SM (I walked from Waikiki to the summit).

  10. Transit info. - Timetables are available at the Satellite City Hall at Ala Moana Shopping Center.  The Pass Office is located at Kahili Transit Center,  811 Middle St (C-10 on the Honolulu map).

  11. On the Honolulu map, in D-10, Dillingham Blvd. is also HI State Hwy. 90.

  12. There are two Costco stores on O’ahu: 1) Iwelei store at 525 Alakawa St.,(in D-10 on Honolulu map, just north of the “Shops at the Dole Cannery.”), Tel. 808) 526-6103 and 2) Hawaii Kai store at 333A Keahole St., (G-8 on O’ahu map in Hawaii Kai Town Ctr.), Tel. (808) 396-5538