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Your Guide to Adventure

Travel & Hiking Maps with
points of interest

PHONE: 425.802.3722 or 360.461.4470

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The digital world of GPS and smartphones is great, however travel and hiking maps are still an absolute must for travelers. A printed map is the only way to have a complete overview of a geographic area and is the best way to share and plan a trip. Our maps provide you with unmatched detail.  Each map is cross-referenced to comprehensive easy-to-read text.

  • Detailed Base Maps - Large scale and easy to use. Ideal for understanding the “big picture.” Color coded for easy reading. Maps depict a full range of recreation destinations and activities: trails, parks, campgrounds, recreation areas, museums & historic places, golf courses, wineries & microbreweries, markets & malls, sports & performing arts venues…and much more. Ideal for daytrippers, bicyclists & explorers!
  • Highly Detailed City Inset Maps - Ideal for exploring by car or bicycle.  Recreation destinations, local landmarks, bicycle & hiking trails, freeway exits & more.
  • Super-Detailed Walking Scale Maps - Ideal for exploring Downtowns and neighborhoods.
  • Comprehensive Recreation Index - Detailed recreational indexing; clear and easy to use. City locations, populations, elevations, visitor info phone numbers and websites, transit info & more.
  • Cross-Referenced Text - Many maps feature detailed recreational listings keyed to map.


Pacific Northwest & Alaska Titles in Print

  • Alaska’s Playground Kenai Peninsula Road & Recreation (6th Edition) $6.95
  • Bellingham Mount Baker Road & Recreation (6th Edition) 7.95
  • Central Oregon Road & Recreation (2nd Edition) 6.95   
  • Greater Seattle Puget Sound Road & Recreation (7th Edition) $6.95
  • Greater Seattle Transit & Trails (1st Edition) 5.95
  • Olympic Peninsula Road & Recreation (10th Edition) $6.95
  • Oregon Road & Recreation (Premier Edition) 7.95
  • Oregon & Northern California Coast Road & Recreation (8th Edition) $6.95
  • Portland/ Willamette Valley Road & Recreation (8th Edition) $6.95
  • San Juan Islands Recreation (6th Edition) $6.95
  • Seattle Downtown “Plus” (10th Edition) $6.95
  • SE Alaska’s Inside Passage Recreation  (4th Edition) $8.95
  • Washington & Oregon Coast Road & Recreation (6th Edition) $7.95
  • Washington Road & Recreation (7th Edition) $7.95

Midwest & East Coast Titles in Print

  • Baltimore/Annapolis Road & Recreation (3rd Edition) $6.95
  • Chicagoland Recreation (1st Edition) $6.95
  • Downtown Chicago “Plus” (2nd Edition) $6.95
  • Grand Circle Road & Recreation (1st Edition) $5.95

California Titles in Print

  • Napa-Sonoma Wine Country Pocket Guide (1st Edition) $6.95
  • Napa Sonoma Wine Country Road & Recreation (6th Edition) $6.95
  • San Diego & Vicinity  Road & Recreation (7th Edition) $6.95
  • San Francisco Bay Area Road & Recreation (4th Edition) $6.95
  • San Francisco Transit • MUNI & BART Guide (10th Edition) $6.95
  • Southern California Road & Recreation (6th Edition) $6.95

Hawaii Titles in Print

  • O’ahu Island & Honolulu Recreation & Transit (1st Edition) $7.95